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Friday, April 07, 2006

a couple of weeks ago we went to a Rampage game  Posted by Picasa

we learned a lot about hockey  Posted by Picasa

there was a lot of action  Posted by Picasa

second intermission  Posted by Picasa

they ended up losing Posted by Picasa

afterwards we went to a concert  Posted by Picasa

this was the artist and i can't remember his name...lol..he was that great  Posted by Picasa

We went downtown on March 18th  Posted by Picasa

to the children's museum  Posted by Picasa

there were so many things to do  Posted by Picasa

the kids had loads of fun  Posted by Picasa

jay got this bubble maker down  Posted by Picasa

lots of soapy water in this room  Posted by Picasa

the kids dug for 'fossils'  Posted by Picasa

there was this cute country store  Posted by Picasa

Jaylen you know you aint got no $$  Posted by Picasa

work that bank girl  Posted by Picasa

Jaylen played this cool organ Posted by Picasa

Natalia the ticketing agent Posted by Picasa

Jaylen the crazy pilot Posted by Picasa

Natalia the air traffic controller Posted by Picasa

Natalia the passenger Posted by Picasa

the kids put together this cabin there Posted by Picasa

the finishing touch Posted by Picasa

tada Posted by Picasa